I Am The Dragon

What follows is an account from the dragon’s perspective. I will forewarn you that it is pretty graphic. If that’s going to bother you I suggest you not read it. Nor do I want to hear criticisms that it was “too violent”  since I’ve already warned you. If you like it…Thank you much.

‘What is this strange, dark place’, I wonder. The last thing I remember is stopping to take a drink from a clear pool of water. I had admired how well the horns on the top of my head had grown, curving back ever so slightly over the bright green scales of my dragon head. Already longer than my father’s, they would be the envy of my fellow dragon friends when they saw them.

 I had been on my way to meet them and go on a human hunt when something happened. What that something was I was not sure but I felt a sting on my side, low on my side where my green scales began to fade to white, then a dizzy feeling, then nothing only to awake here in the dark place. I hear the roars of other dragons and other creatures that I do not recognize. I hear the sounds of humans, many of them all joined in a chorus of cheers and happiness. Usually the screams of humans I hear are ones of terror as my jaws close around their squirming bodies or when one my dragon comrades flay their bodies open with a swipe of a sharp claw.

 I inspect the room in which I’m held. The walls are thick stone with the only light coming from torches mounted on the walls. More faint cries of a dragon in pain echo from outside this time the screams are more intense and high-pitched. Whatever dragon it is it is in agony. More cheering human voices follows those cries. For a few minutes there is silence then one of the walls of my prison begins to move. With a grinding sound the heavy stonewall slides to the left allowing bright light to filter in. I see a heavy-set of iron bars behind the wall and beyond that a wide-open space surrounded by tiered seats in which hundreds of humans sat. Slowly the iron bars rise upward into the ceiling allowing me access to the open space.

 I move forward slowly, cautiously. I sniff the open air with my keen dragon nostrils at the end of my long snout. I hear the crowd of humans boo and jeer me as I enter the open, oval-shaped arena area. I realize with horror where I am. I am in the Arena. That place I had been told where humans from a far off place will capture my kind and bring them to fight to their deaths. A sick feeling wells up within me. Was I really about to die this day? I did not want to die. I had many plans for my life. I had not even mated yet…dammit! I can’t die!

 More boos and taunts come from the crowd as I enter the arena. They hate me and rightly so. I have killed many of them even though I was but an adolescent dragon. I had planned to kill more this very day before my capture. I snap and roar at the crowd. I wish I could get at them but long, sharp spikes of iron extend all the way around the top of the arena wall perimeter. I could never get up and over them without ripping my soft underbelly open. I move ever forward on my powerful hind legs. My long forearms bulge with muscular biceps & triceps and my talons at the ends of my hands are sharp and extended, ready for combat. I let out a fearsome and very loud bellow of a roar that lets my humans know I will not die a sniveling coward. If it was fight they want it was a fight they would get. I hoped to take as many of them with me as possible.

 In the center of the arena was a large pile of boulders stacked in random fashion. On the far wall was another iron gate. I saw it open and three human females entered the arena to a welcoming chorus of cheers. The three girls were not full-grown adults but neither were they small ones. All were barefoot and wore just straps of cloth around their waists and across the lumps on the chests. They had blond hair and apparently were attractive for humans. But they also carried weapons.

 The tallest girl had a long spear with three large barbs. I had seen these before. I knew if that barbed point was to get into my body it would never come free. I had to avoid that at all costs. The other two girls carried spears too but they were not barbed. They were long and had sharp oval-shaped tips that could stab and be removed over and over. I had seen how effective these weapons had been on dragons before. I was frightened. I didn’t want to feel pain but I resolved to fight bravely and not die easily. Perhaps I could even escape somehow. But first I would have to get past these 14-year-old females.

 They surrounded me with the tall girl with the barbed spear to my front. I kept my neck & head extended toward her keeping my underbelly close to the ground. I could feel my fat stomach scrape against the dirt. One of the other girls struck at my side trying to hit the soft area below my ribs where my stomach started but she missed. I swiped at her with my claw and connected. I felt the satisfying slash of my claws ripping through her body. I saw a spray of blood and heard her scream as she collapsed flat on her back totally disemboweled. The crowd booed and screamed at me. But my confidence was boosted. I quickly turned at the other girl to my side.

 She had a look of fear in her after seeing her companion killed. She turned to run but I whipped my tail around and slammed it into her chest. I heard her ribs break as she went flying into the rock formation where she clumped to a sitting position. Blood dribbled from her mouth and fell onto her heaving breasts. I ended her suffering with a quick slash of my front claws that sent her head careening across the arena ground. Then I turned and snarled at the last girl, the tall one with the barb tipped spear.

 Her eyes were wide with fear. She dropped her weapon and ran. The crowd booed her. But she didn’t go far. I was on her in three quick strides and brought my mouth down and bit into her torso from above. My long top fangs pierced her chest as my lower ones impaled her back. She shrieked in pain as I lifted her off the ground. She thrashed wildly in my mouth and her blood flowed but there would be no escape. I bit down harder and felt her ribs crunch in my mouth as my teeth came together. She went taunt then limp. I tossed her lifeless & bloody body aside and reared up on my back begs and roared the roar of victory. The crowd booed. Whether the boos were directed at me or their disappointing human gladiators I did not know. Nor did I care. I did know that they would send more.

 And indeed they did. The iron bars rose up once more and this time three more female human warriors appeared. But these three were much different from the ones I had just slain with relative ease. These three were older, perhaps 25 years of age. They were bigger, their muscles bulged on their arms and thighs. They breasts were enormous with their nipples being barely covered by leopard skin cloth. A small triangle of this same cloth was worn at the junction of their powerful legs hiding the secret hole beneath. Their huge tits bobbed and swayed as they strode toward me all wearing scowls of anger. They too carried weapons.

The largest, a tall raven-haired warrior carried another of the spears with the tri-barbed tip. The second, a red-haired woman carried one of the same long harpoon type spears with no barbs for easy stabbing. Its long oval-shaped sharp tip glinted in the high afternoon sun. The third, a blond-haired barefooted woman, carried one of those curved sticks with a string and a container of sharp projectiles on her back. I think I heard my father call such things ‘bows and arrows’. I knew these three would be much tougher to best.

The crowd sensed it too as they cheered wildly for their new champions. The two spear carriers came at my head lunging their weapons into my snout, annoying but not painful. They yelled, “Haa! Dragon! Haaa!” I snapped at the red-haired one but she evaded and brought the club end of her harpoon up and caught me under the chin. That hurt a bit. Then something whooshed past my face. Then another. I had no idea what it was then I realized as the third arrow struck me in the side of my face just under my right eye.

I looked to the large formation of rock and saw the blond archer loading another arrow. The arrow shot so quickly I could not see as it hit just below my left eye and bounced away. ‘My eyes’ I realized in horror. She was trying to blind me. There were only a few places I was vulnerable but my belly and eyes would be the easiest to get. I had to stop her. If I could not see I would surely lose my fight. I ignored the taunts and “Haaaas!” of the spear-women and charged the rock formation to kill the arrow shooter.

 She ducked behind the taller part of the randomly stacked rock formation. I leapt up onto the lower part of the rocky structure and saw her just above me. I am well suited to rock climbing as that is where my kind dwell. I easily get closer to her. She cannot fire her arrows with me in pursuit. She scrambled higher going to the very top of the formation. I snap at her but she evades dodging around the side of the craggy peak. But my teeth catch the bow and it comes free from her grasp. I crunch it in my jaws. ‘Ahhh success’ I think. She can no longer try to blind me.

 I watch as she scrambles down the rocks. I see a chance to slay her and dart after her. She runs across the lowest tier of rock and I follow. As she leaps off back to the arena floor I realize all to late my predicament. The dark-haired woman is in a gap between two boulders. She raised her nasty spear with the barbs. I am directly over her my soft underbelly is wide open and she wastes no time in jabbing her spear upward and into it.

 At first there is no pain just an oddly soft ‘popping’ sound as the sharp metal punctures through my tender flesh then the pain hits and it is terrible. I roar as I stand up and jump away from her. I leap off the rocks landing on my hind feet. But even though my pain I know I’m in a battle. I see the red-haired woman come at me with her harpoon. Instinctively I lower my body to protect my belly. That was a mistake. The end of the spear stuck into me hits the ground and my own falling body weight pushes it deeper into my guts.

Such horrible pain fills ever corner of my mind. The big spear tip had been into my muscle but now I can feel it lodged deep inside my guts. I feel the coldness of the metal against the warmth of my intestines and find it terrible painful. I toss my head neck and roar in agony. I hear the human crowd cheering. I hate them.

 I walk away on my hind legs to ponder my situation. Even wounded I am still faster than the women and soon I am at the far end of the arena. I lean my right foreclaw to the wall and look down and see the metal pole sticking out from the very center of my plump, snow-white belly. The shaft moves up and down with the rhythm of my breathing. I can feel the spearhead move about inside my guts with each breath I take. The pain is till intense but I’m regaining my composure. I’m hurt but not dead, far from it. Oddly there is little blood maybe the spear itself is blocking the blood flow. I turn to see the three females closing on me.

 The dark-haired one has the barbed spear of the slain girl. The others each carry two harpoons one each from the dead girls apparently. I will meet them again in battle. At the very least I will kill the one who has stabbed me.

 Unable to protect my vulnerable underside I feel I must act faster than my opponents. I charge quickly at the dark-haired one but the other two cock their arms back and throw their harpoons. Both hit my soft stomach one harpoon to either side of the first spear. More pain hit me. I roar as I’m stopped in my tracks. But my fore-claws are free and I grasp the spears and pull them from my gut. Blood flows from the two new holes. The warrioress with the barbed spear lunges forward by I snap at her and she back off.

 But as I’m fending her off the other two attack from the sides and stab me with their harpoons. The sharp oval tips sink deep into my stomach. I snap at one then the other. They pull their weapons free and dodge away. Again and again this process is repeated.

 I snap at one but the other lunges in and stabs me. The women and their harpoons have now stabbed me ten times, five on either side of that horrible spear in the center of my gut. Blood is now flowing in torrents from those wounds. The dirt beneath my hind claws is wet with mud created by my own blood and yet I cannot get close enough to the women to kill them. I shake my head vigorously as I try to keep my senses clear as I find myself growing dizzy and light headed.

 “ROOOOAAARRRRR!” I scream as I get another stab into my stomach from the blond. That gets more cheers from the audience. Vaguely I’m aware that the red head is gone. But then I feel something, something very painful it comes from my backside, from the place where I drop my waste. Sharp and horrible pains emanate from my ass that spreads into my lower abdomen. Whatever this is I must top this pain, as it is simply unbearable. I rear back and see with total horror that the redheaded warrior has stuck her harpoon into my body up through my asshole. She darts away and picks up her second harpoon, I rear back further hardly able to move at all now with the whole of her harpoon lodged inside my belly.

Now, totally open to attack as I rear back the raven-haired one darts in with the second barbed tip spear. She catches me in the lower portion of my soft belly and drives it deep into my guts. I feel the two spear points with their barbed tips collide in the center of my abdominal cavity. And somewhere, intermingled with them is the entire harpoon from the blond. The pain now has gone beyond merely feeling it. It’s almost as if it is a natural part of me. It is so intense I begin to not feel it. Perhaps my brain is dying.

 I stagger forward. The attacks have stopped as the women admire what they have done to me. Breathing is hard now. My breath comes in heavy gasps with each exhalation a fine mist of blood sprays from my nostrils. Blood runs out the corners of my mouth. I shake my head. I’m not trying to lose the dizzy feeling anymore I’m just trying to keep on living. I take a few more steps. The metal spears inside my belly clank and grind together chewing up the precious contents that they have stabbed into.

I crane my long neck back and roar a roar of misery toward the blue sky. Maybe just because they still have them the redhead and the blond rush in and stab their harpoons into my stomach and leave them there. I’m vaguely aware of the crowd’s cheers. I fall. My forelimbs catch the ground as the first spear is driven even deeper into my body. I feel the pain somewhere but it’s of no consequence any longer. I feel my body shudder and from deep within my butchered insides comes a torrent of blood and bile which I vomit forth. I shake my massive head choking and yet again the blood vomits forth.

With my last remnants of strength I flip myself to me back. I see the sun and feel its warmth on my body. I see the spear shafts sticking from my belly and notice them dancing as I suck wind desperately fighting the inevitability of death. I blink a few more times, then my eyes close. My tongue flops from my gaping maw as blood runs down it into the dust. I hear the humans cheers as if they are very far way. I hope they are happy at what they have done to me. I wish death upon them all as the darkness overtakes me.

2 Responses to “I Am The Dragon”

  1. November 8, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Fantastic hot story, lots of blood. I would like to see those slayers

  2. 2 jim825
    November 15, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Thanks dragonblood…hot women with huge tits battling a dragon…it doesn’t get much better than that. Glad you liked it. I really liked writing this one too.

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