Dragon on the Outpost

When the dragon was see on the first outpost of the village the small army prepared for attack. Two boys armed with heavy hammers, so they could barely lift them started to come out from the rock, the first started to crash his hammer against the dragons hindleg.
The long tail was moving and the underside of the tail was open to attack from time to time, so a fourteen year old, barefoot girl with a long lance approached.
Aiming carefully she jabbed the lance into the dragons tail, so that the beast roared.
She also saw a small part of the underbelly behind the legs open and while the tail was still swirling around she thrusted through the soft, yellow skin and brought the tip of the lance into the dragon.
“Yeah, Jenny. Shove the lance deeper”, the boy nearby yelled, hammering against the dragon again.
The other boy was watching the dragon and when he was stomping and turning around he ran to the same side like the other boy, but to the front paw and with full force he beat upon the ankle.
At once the dragon was shaking, bending his neck towards the boy, but in this moment the girl behind him shoved the lance far deeper into the underbelly.
The dragon screamed and lifted his long neck. The lance stuck into the small, free area and the girl was on her toes to be able to shove it that deep.
Both boys hit again and two younger girls ran to Jenny to help her.
“Let’s impale the beast there”, Hiljanna said. With the help of Orina she got a very long lance. The boys hit again. The tail was still dangerous. Jenny had been lucky, but now the dragon was cautious.
Daniel, a skinny twelve year old was running over a big rock and jumped onto the dragon.
It was impossible for him to hurt the beast, but his plan was merely to distract him. But when he saw the three girl yelling and pointing at the slashing tail and the shaking pelvic area.
He called two other kids, a thirteen year old boy and a fifteen year old girl, both with a lassos.
They caught the long tail with the help of the girls on the ground.
Together they pulled the tail backwards, upwards. The girls damaged the tail with lances while the boys pulled it up. Then they fixed the weak, bleeding tail on the back.
The whole time the dragon was rocking and shaking. Now realizing that part of the underbelly was naked he stomped and roared in discomfort. While he was turning around further the girls aimed and stabbed three or five times into the yellow, small area. The dragon roared, reared his neck upwards, before trying to catch the boy with the hammer, beating against his forepaw.
But when he snapped after the boy hiding between two rocks, the girls finally trusted longer lance beneath the first one into the dragons body. Furtunately the hindlegs of the dragon gave up and he collapsed down.
The long neck reared up in great pain. So the girls took each other on their shoulders and after pulling the lance out the rammed it in again and stabbed the whole lance through the dragon.
After another hit on the forepaw the upper part of the dragon collapsed too. But when he tried to stand up again, his left hindleg was broken.
His right leg lifted the abdomen and moved it to the side. The yellow underside was visible the the girls went very happy.
The kids on the back threw the second lasso over his head on the neck and lowered themselfes down to the ground.
While the neck was still squirming the kids held the first lasso, used a second and third one to restrain the long, wild lashing neck. More kids with lassos brought the neck down. After all, ten lassos where needed to finally fix the neck so that the second part of the fight could begin. When the girls started to jab their knifes into the softer belly of the dragon, every time they pulled back, some blood was flowing out of the wounds.
The dragon managed to lift his neck, so great was the pain. Most kids used this to jump over on the dragons shoulders, to the other side and started to pull him back.
When he felt the force the beast was shaking. Three lances on shoulders, base of the neck and on the leg where set.
The three girls attacked the underbelly with smiling faces. But that was not enough to let the dragon roll over.
Because the neck would not reach them the both boys hammered down on the front leg.
He had no chance. Although the leg was withstanding many hits it finally broke, the chest went down.
With all their strenght they pulled and pushed the dragon slowly to the side. More and more yellow skin appeared. When they almost got it the dragon was not moving anymore, he laid upon the broken leg.
So one of the girls grabbed a spear, knelt down near the cheast and ran the spear many times into the underside.
The dragon screamed, kicked with the healthy leg in pain and then they where able to roll the beast over on the side.
The kids all came to the yellow belly, watching it, touching it and feel the dragons vulnerability.
Now the neck was free and bent in all directions for the dragon has lost sense of that one. The kneeling girl stood up, went on her bare feet to the center of the belly and with a quick jab the spear stuck into it.
The dragon screamed, the whole belly changed, it tightened on and a boy wasted no time, ramming his dagger constantly into the flesh.
A girl took her sword, shoved it in to the hilt, while the dragon was kicking the healthy legs. The boy threw their hammers upon the dragon and climbed up, hammered down on both legs.
The girl turned the blade, two boys shoved a lance into the lower belly, who went soft and then hard again.
New knifes and daggers entered when a boy and two girls joined the slaughter.
The legs gave up, the neck swirled around, grabbed one boy on his arm and took him up into the air. The girl who saw this ran her knife deep into the abdomen of the dragon, slicing towards the chest, opening the whole belly.
Several times now the neck fell down and the girl with the sword made the long wound deeper, gutting the dragon.
The kids stabbed into the wound, turned their weapons and ripped the innards out. They ram and pulled until the big dragon finally collapsed.
All boys and girls yelled and lifted their weapons while the belly was still moving in spasms. But then also the belly gave up and the dragon was death.

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