Killing the Land Dragon

It was the year 1361. Jeanne was a 13 years old girl and the leader of a gang of assassin kids, doing jobs for local warlords. Part of her group where Lola, 12, Jasper, 14, Lina, 13, Karilla, 13, Sepia, 14, Annabelle, 11, Surana, 12, Madina, 13, Juri, 13, Denara, 13, Parina, 12, Entara, 11, Nidara, 17, Zirpi, 12, Amitera, 14, die Schwestern Halana und Onala, both 13, Dulcan, 13 and Filus, 14.
Sixteen girls and four boys. Normally they worked in small groups, but their new task neede all their participation.
“Kill the land dragon”, the mail from their lord said in big red letters.
Jeanne knew. There are only one land dragon around, the long dragon of Kiliathan. This animal was 30 metres long, green, scaly with a long neck, sharp claws and a tail with an black tip. It was sayed that the tip was poisoned.
All kids met in their cave talking about the tactics of the fight. It was important to sort all their options before going into war.
They also talked about their equipment.

“What do we knew about this dragon?”, Jeanne asked.
“He is deathly”, Sepia answered with a sad look.
“His claws are sharp and he is deathly”, Lola agreed.
“His body is very long, the perfect target”, Denara said with a smile.
“Did you ever encountered someone who broke through his scales?”, Juri asked.
“No, but..”, Denara said.
“It makes no sense then”, Juri interrupted her.
“I just wanted to say that..”, she said.
“Spare us your ideas”, Juri interruped again.

Jeanne was angry. Zirpi wanted to raise her mood.

“Perhaps this dragon has some, some, weakness”, she said.
“Yes, so we just need to find out”, Halana and Onala said at once.
“Hm, weak spot, weak spots. There is a legend about dragons. Lets see”, Jeanne answered.

She took a big book out of the board.

“Here it is, ‘this dragon was vulnerable just on his eyes. But after we blinded the beast it turned over. His belly was totally white and soft and we wasted not time and opened it’ – They cut the belly open”, Jeanne said.
“And if this is just a story and the dragon is not so vulnerable on his tummy, then we all die”, Juri said.
“Yes, we all die. Are you afraid, little boy?”, Nidara said, manacing him.
“Nnno, i am not”, he stuttered.

“I would say we go in with 5, trying the dragon and flee”, Jeanne said. She picked Lina, Dulcan, Sepia and little Annabelle.

The Landdragon was there, it was big and not to pass. Annabelle was sneaking barefoot near the beast. It seemed longer than thirty metres and was very massive. But this little girl was faster than anyone else. She probed his flanks without him noticing and realized they where hard. She saw a small part under the scales, near the belly and probed there. Her knife went in without problems.
The dragon started to turn his body to the left, she removed the knife and saw blood.
Before the dragon could act, the girl ran her blade, one, two, tree, ten times into that spot, jumped up, on the dragons back, ran on her bare, tiny feet to the neck and probed the neck underside. It was softer, but she still was not able to penetrate it. The back was far too hard, eyes not to reach, the chest too dangerous, so she jumped into the high gras and disappeared like a mouse while the dragon still was turning to the left.
Annabelle came back with a smile. She lifted her bloody knife and said: “The belly is vulnerable, like in the story, perhaps the rest is true too”.

“Dulcan, could you hit the dragons eyes?”, Jeanne asked.
“Nope, too far away”, he answered.
“Are you sure? And when we bring the big head down?”, she asked.
“When you bring his eyes near to my bow I can shot and hit the eye and blind it after some arrows”, he said.
“Good, then I have a plan”, Jeanne said.


Ideas and suggestions please šŸ˜€ I have many and will write on.

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  1. 1 xenodragon
    November 17, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    hey what about killing him by his penis and balls that would be epic

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