Sonja and her gang

After some miles walking the group of teen and preteen girls reached the place where the beast was dwelling.
All nineteen girls had bare feet, a bow with arrows and a knife.
The dragon was roaring. It was more a wyvern than a dragon but I hope you do not mind. Surrounding it was the first task of the girls what was not easy. The beast was mobile and fast. And it was tending to attack single girls which was mean but effective. Sonja the oldest of them, a young woman of 21 jumped in the way of the dragon to protect an innocent child warrior.
Like her teenage friends, Sonja she had pretty bare feet and less clothes then her underaged, skinny counterparts. She had her spear in front, excited about slaying the dragon. When the beast got her attention, the little girls aimed for its wings with arrows, managing to hit them hard and often.
The wyvern, confused by the attack from the rear while fighting Sonja, screamed and looked back, screamed again and reared up, watching the girls behind it. Sonja had a look at the softer underside, yellow, slimy and scaly.
“Stab it, go for it, make it bleed”, she thought. But somehow the excitement took over and she was barely able to attack at all. She only hit the base of the neck what was a great hit. But not the one which would let the beast reeling back forever.
The girls yelled, some on the ground stood up and even aimed at the flanks which where to hard to be penetrated by arrows and so wasting them.
When the dragon was back on its belly, screaming and bleeding from its wound on the neck, Sonja was its primary target. It used the long hard tail to know her down, to beat her hot body into submission.
Indeed one hit could be enough to kill her but the first hit knocked her over and out of fear and the drive to survive Sonja fled behind a tree. The wyvern followed her, the shoeless children and teenager shot the wings further, amazed by the endurance of the beast and the disciplin.
Attacking any other big beast caused the inability to choose a target but the dragon was different.
It was unable to take flight and it would not be wise either, because the underside was not hard at all and all kids shooting at it would make the dragon go off in convulsions.
But on the other hand it was wasting time with Sonja, allowing the little ones to attack further. Weak spots where the wings, the underside of the neck, the eyes. Vulnerable spots where all over the belly.
The wyvern inspected the tree for a while, Sonja turned left, but there was no weakness on the dragon.
Instead the beast attacked the tree, shaking it hard.
For that the wyvern turned around, beating the tree with its tail. Sonja walked out, aiming for the left hind leg and was driving the spear tip into the joint. At the same time girls shoot the neck.
The wyverns leg sunk in, in pain it turned around, slower that before. Sonja on her bare soles instead was fast, ran to the other leg, rammed it, once, twice, as often as needed until this leg collapsed too.
When the young woman was running to the the right front leg the dragon realized it and hit her legs with its dangerous tail, making her stumble. The wyvern was walking towards her. Alina, a 14 year old heroine ran to the tail, took her sword, aimed and stabbed the tail base as often as she could.
When the dragon screamed it terror and lashed at the girl she was reacting fast, jumping up on the back of the beast, stabbing the tail again and again. The dragon knew that this young girl was about to defeat its best weapon of defense and that its hind was attackable then. With a loud scream the dragon had its tail destroyed and the barefoot girl yelled, jumping off, assisting Sonja in bringing the dragon on its knees.
More often the beast was rearing up the long neck and Alina waited, watching and it the right moment she stepped up, drilling her sword inside the neck, pointing towards the chest und shoving it up to the hilt.
The dragon was rearing up and screaming, the sword stayed and Alina was running away.
In absolute agony the dragon reared up again and again, finally exposing its belly.
“This time I get you”, she thought, pointing the tip of her spear towards the dragons soft underbelly, ran for it and stabbed through the abdominal wall right into the guts, sending the dragons body off in convulsions.
The barefoot kids jumped up and down. They knew now it was the time to hit the dragon hard. The incredible pain it was feeling made the beast unable to fight back or hide its delicate bodyparts.
Sonja pulled the spear out, watched the dragon squirm and reel in horror. The kids ran in front of the beast, pulled their strings and started to shoot the writhing body all over. Time was essential. They hit flanks, legs, neck and they hit the belly, making a mess of it. Some arrows stuck into it up to the feathers.
Again and again the dragon exposed its underbelly, which in the meantime was tighten on, rippled and twenty arrows stuck in it. The center was still bleeding. The beast knew that they would defeat its body soon and was finally bending over to protect its belly. The pain was not to bear and the now hardened belly was trembling, shaking.
They did their best, the dragon was not not much of a danger anymore. With destroyed tail and hind legs it was slow, an easy target. The girls just had to walk away when the dragon came.
The arrows has penetrated the stomach and the dragon was suffering from beginning organ failure. The girls knew that in time the dragon would have to give up. While it was so slow, barefoot girls with good marksmanship abilities climbed on the trees, aimed for the beasts eyes, knowing that a blind dragon was easier to kill. Sonja was happy about the kids showing so much potential. So the young, short haired, barefooters blinded the beast in long, agonizing attacks.
The blind dragon was screaming, its undersided pressed on the ground. After some minutes, it was finally giving up and the kids, inclusive Sonja met on one side to roll it over and finally kill it.
Because the beast knew it was dying, it was merely an errand of mercy to expose its long stomach, taking out their knifes and start the slaughter it.
It was an amazing sight to see the squirming giant beast, helpless and vulnerable with uncovered belly getting slaughtered by lots of barefoot girls with knifes.
Sonjas nipples went stiff. The dragon did its best to arouse her, instead of laying still it was bending over, tighten on its partially destroyed abs, convulsing in front of the young girls who attacked so fast.
Much blood was flowing out, the children stabbed and jabbed the big tummy and the dragon was squirming for ten minutes in its own blood before finally screaming out.
The kids stepped back, satisfied. The underside was still moving but the dragon was dying. Sonja stepped up and with five hard stabs with her spear she killed the beast.
The girls lifted their hand with the knifes, having the dragon killed together.

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