A true story

Some years ago I was chatting with a five girls in my chatroom ‘herogirls’. I told them I wanted to roleplay and to create a dragonfight. There was a user ‘Red Dragon’ controlled by me. I know that most of my visiters where lesbian girls.
I took the name ‘Julia’. There where Pamela and some others I do not remember.
Just for girls. We fought the red dragon naturally and I do not remember the details of the fight. But I do remember that I wrote: “I roll under the dragons belly”.
I asked for an knife. The girls applauded and said it was a good idea and threw me one. I wrote: “I drive my knife into the yellow underside of the dragon”
I was letting the dragon scream in pain and wrote: “I pull it out and push it in again”. “I rip my knife out, watch the belly and drive it back in”.
“I take it back, move it to another spot of the squirming underside and shove it in again”. “I pull it out and ram it back in”.
The red dragon was rearing up helplessly under the constant stabs. The girls yelled things like: “Yeeah, Julia. Do him, make him bleed”.
I suppose they liked to see the strong beast so defenceless and in a hopeless situation.
I described: “I stab the knife into its yellow belly again. And again. And again”. “I pull it out, see it bleed and ram it five times”.
Then I encouraged the others to attack the dragon which was rearing up when they did it. I said: “I run my knife again into its defenceless soft belly”.
“This is hot”, said one of the girls and Pam agreed. “Yes, this is soo hot”.
I let the dragon arching his back, making the belly more vulnerable to my attacks.
I wrote: “I stab further into the soft, exposed underbelly, without the dragon being able to react. I pull it out and again, I stab, stab, stab and stab”.
Suddenly Pam wrote: “Yeessssss, stab your long knife into his soft, helpless belly, make him squirm, kill that beast, this is sooooo hot”.
And this surprised me and showed me I was not the only one liking this. They filled the chatroom with horny girls.
“Stab it, stab it, defeat the big dragon, little girl”, they yelled.
I wanted to hear more and wrote how I stabbed more. Again and again into his underbelly and “Red Dragon” was rearing up under those stabs.
“Right into the yellow tummy. Stab that bastard”. So I did. Again and again.
They called my name. I wrote: “I ram my knife further into the squirming beast”.
And after some more stabs they screamed: “Finish him, finish his belly. Kill him, aaaahhh”. “I want to see him collapse, just make the beast collapse”.
I described how I constantly rammed the knife into the soft belly.
The “Red dragon” was loosing it. I wrote: “I use my knife to make a long cut on his belly, open a part”.
“Cut him open, cut his damn belly open, kill it”, Pam wrote.
“Another long cut on his belly, and another. I stab into his belly again, again and again”, I wrote.
“Oh Julia, stab more, stab it, oh yeaahh”, Pam said.
So I did, stabbed for another thirty times. Every dragon would have collapsed by now and I suggested that “Red Dragon” could die soon.
Every five stabs something hot came from the girls. “Yeaahh, full in”, “Rear up you big beast”, “Defeated by a little girl you are”.
Together they impaled his flanks with spears while I was constantly ramming my knife in. This was the hottest thing I ever created and I wish to do it again.
The dragon reared back in great agony. I stabbed and stabbed, the girls seemed to masturbate.
To heaten them on I stabbed further my knife into the dragons unprotected belly. “I ram my knife again into the dragons abdomen, rip it out and shove it in again”, I wrote.
I bet in this moment they came to orgasms, because shortly after that they killed the red dragon with me.
First they gave me a sword and “I ran the sword up to the hilt into the dragons defenceless, arched belly”.
“Make him squirm”. “Kill him”. “Wow, up to the hilt”, Pam said.
After three further long stabs I let the dragon rear up high, stumble, fall and roll over on his back. I had not to say anything, most of the girls wrote:
“I jump to the dragon and impale his abdomen with my spear/sword/dagger/knife”. Lots of girls overwhelmed the dragon at once.
I let the red dragon get hard abs just once and then the overkilled beast finally broke down and died.
The room was empty in seconds, just Pam and her friends stayed, promising to do this again soon and “how hot this was”.
None of the questions about normality of sexuality or that stuff. Not even bare feet. Just pure lesbian girl carnage.

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