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dragon killing

three young markswoman were resting by a lake topless and enjoying each others breasts they were all trained war vets.

1. Susi a 24 year old sniper       2. Lara a 22 year old rifle expert and     3. Tina a 26 year old heacy weapons expert.

susi was having her breasts sucked by both lara and tina as they waited for their orders it had been a long day they had already killed twod ragons and three wyverns and were hoping for some r&r.   suddenly the commanding officer called on the radio and ordered them to slay a dragon in the nearby village, the three markswoman with no time to put their tops back on just grabbed their packs and weapons and ran for the village.   just as the three woman got to the edge of the village susi looked through her scope to see the dragon, lara and tina both went towards the dragon ready to attack once susi gets the first shot off.   susi was looking for the dragon when she spotted his yellow belly she looked down with the scope and she was now aiming at his erect penis susi could kill him in one shot shooting him in the head but she wanted him to suffer.   susi took aim at one of his balls and pulled the trigger of her psg-1 sniper rifle, within seconds the dragon reared roaring in pain and turning to face both tina and lara.  the dragon looked towards them as susi soht his other ball the dragon screaming grabbed his balls trying to stop the bleeding as tina loaded her m60 and shot 100 bullets into the dragons soft belly casuing him to roar in agony and try to walk away bleeding from many wounds lara put the knife on her gun and rammed it into the dragons hind legs making him drop to his knees.  the dragon was still in view of susi scope and she watched as he got up and tryed to flee again lara using a g36c shot the dragons back in agony the dragons bleeding body was facing susi and she shot three more shots into the dragon once to his chest and two in his belly, the dragon fell to his knees for a second time as lara walked in front of him holding her dagger and knife tina was behind him ready to rip his back open with the m60.   susi waited as lara stabbed his legs again and tina shot another 100 bullets into his back the dragon roaring in agony got up with lots of pain and tryed to flee gain but even though lara and tina needed to reload their guns susi had the dragon in her sights.  susi gave the dragon enough time to once again have his penis in line with her scope and not feeling bad susi shot the dragon penis dropping to his knees holding his bleeding penis the dragon could now see susi as she stood up and shot his chest four times unable to do anything the dragon just looked at her as tina and lara tied his arms round the nearest tree and forced the dragon to stand for is execution.   the dragon looked at the three woman in front of his bleeding body he had no strength left and was bleeding now from his mouth, the three woman shot the dragon wtaching him scream and wiggle as his body was slowly butchered by many bullet wounds the dragon screaming was watching his belly being ripped apart by the bullets from the m60 his chest being cut apart by the g36c and once again his penis and balls were being shot by the sniper rifle after 30 minutes the dragon stopped moving his body butchered and lifeless.   tina cut him down and the three of them went back to the lake to finished their r&r with each others bodies.